My research focuses on the lowest mass stars, known as brown dwarfs. I'm particularly interested in finding and characterizing these objects and using them to better understand extrasolar planets and star formation.


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Discovery of a "Lonely Planet"

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Artists concept of a disk around a brown dwarf.
NASA/JPL-Caltch/T. Pyle (SSC)

Joseph Lyons, American Astronomical Meeting January 2012
Chambliss Astronomy Achievement Award (Hon. Mention)

Abby Peltier ('11) at CTIO in Chile

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Current Students:

Jake Simon (Bucknell, '18)

Teweldeberhan Misghina (Bucknell, '17)

Dunni Adenuga (Bucknell, '17)

Former Students:

Damon Frezza ('15, now graduate student at Georgia Tech)

Brandon Bergerud ('14, now a graduate student at U. Iowa)

Joseph Lyons ('13, now M. Eng student at Tufts)

Monica Herzog ('13)

Abby Peltier ('11, now Ph.D. student at UNC Charlotte)

Frank Stabile ('11, now medical physics student at Columbia)