November 13, 2017

More than 300 people, including students, faculty, professional scientists, engineers, policy-makers, consultants, and community members, participated in the twelfth annual Susquehanna River Symposium Nov. 10-11, 2017, at Bucknell University.

"The Spirit of Two Great Rivers: The Delaware and Susquehanna" drew participants from as far away as New York, New Jersey and Delaware for the two-day event. Friday featured a keynote address delivered by Mohawk spiritual leader Dr. Thomas Porter and more than 80 research posters by students and faculty from 16 universities.

On Saturday, Bucknell’s Elaine Langone Center continued to be a hub of activity with plenary presentations by Elizabeth Boyer, David Strayer, and Tom Porter who led hour-long breakout discussions afterwards. Everyone continued to fellowship over lunch in the Walls Lounge.

Dr. Thomas Porter (center), elder, educator, and spiritual leader of the Bear Clan of the Haudenausanee Mohawk Nation, with breakout discussion participants at the river symposium.

The afternoon featured twenty-two oral presentations in six different categories and exhibits from twelve companies and organizations. This year's symposium attracted a record number of participants from the general public.

Details about the symposium are provided in the 70-page Program with Abstracts, which includes a schedule of events and the author names, titles, and abstracts for each presentation.

Student Poster Awards

Streams, Rivers, Lakes, and Landscape Category

Lindsey Sipple (Susquehanna University)
with professors Jonathan Niles, Michael Bilger, and Daniel Ressler
"Sediment Grain Size Characteristics in Streams with Impaired Riparian Zones: Pre- and Post-Restoration"

Water Quality Category

Autumn Hanley, Scott Wolf, and Matthew Bell
with Professor Md. Khalequzzaman (Lock Haven University)

"Assessing the Water Quality Index of Lick Run, Center County, Pennsylvania"

Macroinvertebrates and Amphibians Category

Krista Carr and Daniel Morris (Susquehanna University)
with professor Jack Holt and Michael Bilger

"Comparison of Five Similar Headwater Streams in Central Pennsylvania During the Summer 2017"

Fish Category

Karli Rogers (Indiana University)
with professors Joseph Duchamp and David Janetski
and Shawn Rummel and Kathleen Lavelle (Trout Unlimited)
and Jonathan Niles (Susquehanna University)

"Assessment of Brook Trout Passage Through Ambiguous Culvert Barriers in Pennsylvania Headwater Streams."

Celebrating 12 Years of River Symposiums

2017 River Symposium

12th Annual River Symposium

The Spirit of Two Great Rivers

The Susquehanna and Delaware

November 10 -11, 2017

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2016 River Symposium

11th Annual River Symposium

A Tale of Two Rivers:

The Susquehanna and Delaware

November 11 -12, 2016

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2015 River Symposium

10th Annual River Symposium

The River, Its Landscapes
and Our Lives

Ongoing Projects and Research in the Susquehanna Watershed

November 13 -14, 2015

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2014 River Symposium

9th Annual River Symposium

Science and the River

Ongoing Projects and Research in the Susquehanna Watershed

November 21 -22, 2014

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2013 River Symposium

8th Annual River Symposium

A Fragmented System

Dams on the Susquehanna River

October 18-19, 2013

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2012 River Symposium

7th Annual River Symposium

Wasn't That A Mighty Storm!

Flooding in the Susquehanna Watershed

October 12-13, 2012

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2011 River Symposium

6th Annual River Symposium

River Towns in the 21st Century

Supporting local development in the Susquehanna Valley by recognizing regional community assets

October 14-15, 2011

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2010 River Symposium

5th Annual River Symposium

Exploring Our Vital Resource

River Ecological Health
and the Chesapeake Bay

October 22-23, 2010

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2009 River Symposium

4th Annual River Symposium

Cultures at the Confluence

Native Americans, Ecology, and the Susquehanna Valley

September 26, 2009

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2008 River Symposium

3rd Annual River Symposium

The Susquehanna and Agriculture

Best Management Practices (BMPs) to reduce sediment and nutrient loading to the Chesapeake Bay

September 12 & 13, 2008

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2007 River Symposium

2nd Annual River Symposium

Pennsylvania Abandoned Mine Drainage Remediation

Seeking Common Ground Along the Susquehanna

September 28, 2007

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2006 River Symposium

1st Annual River Symposium

From the Branches to the Confluence

The Upper Susquehanna River Basin and its Communities

September 23, 2006

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