San Diego, California Trip
June 23 - June 30, 2001
By Dan Hyde

All the pictures were taken with Dan's new digital camera, a Canon S300 Digital Elph. Since the images were reduced by 50% to fit people's web browsers, some resolution was lost. Since there are about 90 images, I spread them over many web pages. Therefore, you need to explore the links to see all the images. Enjoy!

Image of Mary Jane, 
Jan and 
Scott at Harrisburg Airport

Jan, Mary Jane and Scott at Harrisburg, PA, Airport

On June 23, 2001, Mary Jane, Jan (MJ's twin sister), Scott and I flew out of Harrisburg, PA for eight days in San Diego, California. To keep track of each other at the busy airports, we decided to wear our new Hawaiian shirts. Alas, none in my size.

Image of Scott on plane

Scott on Plane

Image of Chicago Skyline

Chicago Skyline from Airplane

As we arrived in Chicago, we had a beautiful view of Chicago skyline.

In the Chicago airport, we saw an ad for a San Diego Spirit soccer game to be played Sunday, the next day. We thought it would be neat if we could get tickets. Scotty and I are big into soccer but neither of us have ever attended a major league game. The San Diego Spirit is a women's major league soccer team and this is the first year of play for the WUSA League.

We did our research and found that the game would be played at the stadium on the campus of the University of San Diego (USD). While we were at USD purchasing tickets, we walked around USD's campus. USD is a Roman Catholic University with beautiful Spanish architecture. Check out some of my and Scott's shots of the University of San Diego.

We had a great time at the San Diego Spirit vs Bay Area CyberRays soccer game. We were able to watch several USA National Team players we knew - Julie Fody, Brandi Chastain, Shannon MacMillian. Also, we knew several world class players from other countries like Sissey (Brazil) and Fan (China). Great game! Final score 0 to 0.

Sunday morning (June 24th) we got up early (5 AM local time) and walked the beach at Mission Bay. We were in luck since it was low tide. We found many sand dollars, shells, etc. Wonderful to walk the beach so early.

Image of Mission Bay
 Beach Early in Morning

Mission Bay Beach Early in Morning

At night we walked along the piers in San Diego Harbor near downtown.

Image of San Diego
 Harbor at Night

San Diego Harbor at Night

Image of Star of India at Night

Old Sailing Ship the Star of India is Now a Museum

For months, Scotty talked of visiting Legoland. Our resident Lego Maniac did the research on the location, hours and costs and lobbied hard to get the family to go. He fulfilled his wish on Monday, June 25 when we drove the 20 miles north to Carlsbad, California to visit LEGOLAND California. It is a theme park with 40 rides where many things are made out of real Lego bricks. For an eleven year old Lego Maniac, Legoland is heaven. Scott said it was "AWESOME"!

Tuesday June 26, we spent the whole day at the world class San Diego Zoo.

Weather was sunny and 75 degrees in San Diego! However, the sun was intense for us pale faces. After a week in San Diego, Scott's exposed tan skin is many shades darker now! I got sunburned on the top of my head through the mesh in my ball cap. I had to purchase a new hat with no mesh and a wide brim all around.

Because of our sunburns, we decided to do mostly inside activities on Wednesday rather than risk burning more in an outside park such as the San Diego Wild Animal Park or SeaWorld. We decided to drive over to Coronado Island and eat lunch at the Hotel del Coronado. After lunch, Scott and I explored the tidal pools on the Hotel's beaches.

After finding crabs and anemonies in the tidal pools, we drove to La Jolla, CA to visit the Birch Aquarium.

Jan is a librarian and wanted to revisit the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) Library in La Jolla for its unique architecture. To our surprise UCSD's library is now called the "Geisel Library" after Theodor Seuss Geisel, author of "The Cat in the Hat" and other children's books. The library is the home of a large collection of original Dr. Seuss drawings and sketches.

Thursday June 28, we spent the whole day and into the night at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. With its wide open spaces, the park is a good complement to the San Diego Zoo. We like both!

Friday June 29, we spent all day at SeaWorld. At SeaWorld we saw a new 3D movie called "Pirates 4D". Basically the plot was treasure Island. Not only was the movie 3D (we had to wear polarized glasses), each seat was equipped with air blasts and water drips! So when one pirate was bombed by bird droppings, drips of water fell on us! Scott loved it!! And when the pirates fired the cannon (The 3D image of the cannon was right in our face!) blasts of air made it feel like the cannon ball just missed our heads! Fun experience!

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