Jackson Brigade, Inc.

A Twentyone-Year Index to
Jackson Brigade Express Newsletter and Jackson Brigade Quarterly
Covers Volumes 1-21, 1992-2013
Compiled by John M. Jackson

Includes tables of contents arranged both by title and date, as well as a 158-page every-name-index (only Volumes 1-15) to the complete contents of the first 84 issues of the Jackson Brigade Quarterly (formerly called the Jackson Brigade Express Newsletter). The entire resource is made available on-line for free below in .pdf format. Note that the Every Name Index only covers Volumes 1-15.

The Jackson Brigade Quarterly Twenty-one-Year Index is available on-line in four parts as .pdf files. The .html versions are available for those who can't read .pdf files. We have maintained the same page numbers of the PDF versions in the HTML versions. The PDF files are far better for printing!

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