ELEC 101, Spring 2005
Prof. Rich Kozick

Laboratory 5
Operational Amplifier Applications and D/A Conversion

In this lab, we will experiment with useful circuits that use the operational amplifier (op amp). In particular, we will look at a summing amplifier and its use in a digital-to-analog (D/A) conversion circuit.

The goals in this lab are to gain a better understanding of how op amp circuits work, as well as to wire and test the circuits. Some parts of this lab assignment ask you to analyze a circuit. Please include that analysis in your lab notebook, and briefly discuss your analysis with the lab instructor before wiring the circuits.

Please bring the Bobrow textbook to lab on February 17.

Also, do the following pre-lab activities before arriving to lab on February 17.

Please do the following pre-lab activity before arriving to lab on February 24:

Complete the analysis of the R-2R D/A conversion circuit in Section 3, item 5. Show all of the details in your lab notebook, using the superposition approach that we discussed in lecture on February 18. Then, choose appropriate resistor values so that your circuit will operate according to the truth table in Section 3, item 6.