ELEC 105 Laboratories, Spring 2004

Laboratory guidelines

January 21: Lab 1 (MSWord file): Electrical measurements and motors

January 28: Lab 2 (MSWord file): Ancient instrumentation

February 4 and 11: Lab 3 (MSWord file): Bridge circuits

February 18: Lab 4: Thevenin models and maximum power transfer

February 25: Lab 5 (MSWord file): Op amp circuits

March 3: Lab 6 (PDF file): RC circuits, time constants, and oscilloscopes

March 10: Lab 7 (PDF file): Op amp clock circuit

March 24: Lab 8: Frequency response and Bode plots

March 31: Lab 9: Design and construction of a three-band audio equalizer

April 7 and 14: Lab 10: Design and construction of a digital stopwatch

April 21: Lab 11: Design and implementation of a majority voting circuit

April 28: Lab 12 (MSWord file): Envelope detection of amplitude modulated (AM) waveforms

Data sheets for ICs:

Tools for resistor color codes: