Email from Professor Toole on November 13, 2001

This email provides additional information on the land development project.

  1. Several students requested a copy of the autocad file that was used to create the topo map that was provided to each team at the first land development lab. This file is named "ENGR 100 Devel Project.dwg" and can be found and copied from my public folder (academic\civil.eng\ttoole\public\engr100).

  2. Each team will make a presentation on their design process and recommended design during the third land development lab period. This presentation should be ten minutes per team and will count as 20% of your project grade. The use of Powerpoint is encouraged but not required. A word file containing presentation tips that was developed by several faculty members is attached.

  3. Each team should create their own list of assigned technical roles at the start of the project. Feel free to use the technical roles assignment form provided to you on the previous projects as a template.

Good luck! Prof. Toole

Email from Professor Csernica on November 14, 2001

If your group/team chooses to use Powerpoint for your short oral presentation, here's where you can get some software help (beyond of course the Help function within the program itself):

Professor Csernica

Assignments for November 28

Email from Professor Toole on November 27, 2001

Instructions for plotting from AutoCAD