Xiannong Meng

Xiannong Meng

Professor of Computer Science
Computer Science Department
Bucknell University
Dana 212
(570) 577-1214
on campus: x71214

I joined Bucknell University in 2001. I am currently a full professor of computer science. My research interests include distributed computing, data mining, intelligent Web search, operating systems, computer networks, and computer science education. I taught many different courses including exploring engineering, engineering in a global and societal context, introduction to computer science, data structures and algorithms, computer organization, computers and society, operating systems, computer science design, and electives in the subjects of computer networks, database, and web information retrieval.

I received my Ph.D. and M.S. in computer science from Worcester Polytechnic Institute, and my B.S. in mathematics from Nanjing Institute of Technology (now Southeast University).

Born and raised in the city of Suzhou, China. Attended Ninth Middle School (Suzhou High School) and Shi-Yan (Experimental) Elementary School. Before attending college in February 1978, I worked on various jobs after high school, including as an electrician in a chemical plant that produces polyvinyl chloride powders, as a store clerk in a department store to sale shirts and fabric, and a few other jobs.

In my spare time, I'd like to read books and listen to music. My favorite subjects of reading are history and classic literature. I'd like to listen to Taiwan campus music, American country music, and the likes.