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Shire of
Lake Augusta Renaissance Festival
Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais & Sunbury Revitilization Inc.
June 20, 2015





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The Second Annual Lake Augusta Renaissance Festival is close at hand! Their Majesties Timothy of Arindale & Gabrielle van Nijenrode of Æthelmearc request that you join them on June 20th and emerse yourself in the entertainment and festivities of the day!

Sunbury Revitalization, Inc. has partnered with the the Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais to bring this amazing event to life for the second time. Located on the bank of the Susquehanna River in Sunbury, PA - this event drew over 700 people it's first year. The populace came to learn and see what the SCA did at its best and had a grand time - and over 150 SCAdians from FOUR KINGDOMS came to enjoy and participate. We invite all the good peoples of Æthelmearc, The East, Atlantia, and The Midrealm to come and participate in this festival!

For all the times you had friends, family, & coworkers say "I would love to try this for a day," this is that day!

It will be a day of the SCA at its finest. This is our day to shine - so wear your best garb, bring your best armour, dazzle with your best A&S entry - come show off.

Artisans, show off your talents, skills, & crafts. Come display your finest works in our Artisans' Tent. Participate in our Populace Choice Competition. Do you prefer something more interactive? Then come and do a demonstration! Blacksmithing, Bead Making, Spinning, German Long Sword, etc. - What are you passionate about? Please come and share.

This is a cross between a demo and an event. While it is open to the public, and we will be educating them all day - there are many activities and competitions for the SCA Only, and their Majesties will be holding a full court to end the day.


The location will be on the riverfront in Sunbury, PA. If trying to find the address via Google Maps or a GPS, use the intersection of Chestnut St and S Front St, Sunbury, PA 17801. You will see a large flood wall if looking on Google Street Views facing the river, we will be in the park on the other side of the flood wall. Local crash space can be coordinated. There are also several local hotels, motels, B&B's, campsites, etc.

The site will be open to the GENERAL PUBLIC from 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM. The Site will be available to the SCA from Friday Afternoon until Sunday Evening. Most of the event setup will occur on Friday Evening. All Period Pavillions are expected to be setup on Friday Evening; please Coordinate with Baron Fridrich. Staff will be on site Saturday AM as early as 7:00 AM for setup.


The schedule for this weekend is as follows: The Day Board Tent will be close to the List Field area and available to all SCAdians and Volunteers. Additional food can be purchased from the four different food vendors in attendance. Beer & Meade is also for sale at the event.


Please contact the appropriate department head about what you would like to do that day - Volunteers are needed in all areas:

Missing info below will appear as soon as permissions are given. Until then, please bear with us.

Heavy Fighters, Marshals, & MOLs -
Fencers, Marshals, & MOLs -
Thrown Weapons & Marshals -
Archer & Marshals -
Arts & Sciences Competition & Display -
Woven Textiles & Tailoring Demonstrations -
Hard Crafts Demonstrations -
Food & Cooking Demonstrations -
Scriptorium -
Heralds & Town Criers -
Perfuming & Personal Grooming -
Setup/Breakdown Crews -
Bards, Bands, Magicians, Entertainers of Any Kind -
Troll for SCA folks -
Willing to do ANYTHING -


There is ample space for Merchants and we would love to have them! Please download an application here and follow the instructions for submission. There will be food vendors as well as SCA & non-SCA merchants at the event - come ready to shop!

Meal and Fees

A modest day board will be provided to all who attend and assist with the event (more details to come). This event is free to all SCAdians whose membership is in good standing. Those who attend without a valid Blue Card will simply need to pay the regular site admission of only $5 for 17 & up and $3 for youth 4-16; children ages 3 and under are free. (Since this is being billed as a Renaissance Festival, we expect some members of the public to attend in costume; thus, your Blue Card will let us know you're on our team.)


Even though the event is free, we strongly encourage preregistration so we have enough space & food to ensure your day is comfortable. Please send reservations to Lord Conrad Kienast by June 10th to ensure food and space are reserved. If you find after prereg deadline has passed that you can join us after all, please don't let that keep you away; just let Lord Conrad know by e-mail that you'll be joining us.

Lord Conrad Kienast
C/O Bob English
124 North Second Street
Sunbury, PA 17801


Vehicle Traffic will be prohibited on site from two hours prior to the event until all public pedestrian traffic has cleared the site.

If you arrive at 9:45 AM, you will not be allowed to drive your vehicle on site to drop off equipment or materials. Vehicles will not be allowed back on exactly at 6:00 PM, it will be once all of the public has left. They will also be allowed on in a specific order - this is a large event with only a single road and a narrow working space, please be considerate and patient when working with the event staff.

Camping & Other Details

On-site camping is permissible for those who want to arrive on Friday and/or leave on Sunday; notice by June 10th is required. The site is RUSTIC; Porta-Johns will be available on site, running water will be available. The site will be discretely damp before and after the event. During the event, beer & wine will be for sale from licensed vendors only. The location will be on the riverfront in Sunbury, PA. If using a GPS, find the intersection of Chestnut St. and S Front St., Sunbury, PA 17801. You will see a large flood wall on Google Street Views facing the river, we will be in the park on the other side of the wall. For those who do not wish to camp, there are also several local hotels, motels, B&B's, campsites, etc., nearby. Please check our Facebook Page for updates and additional details.