All the C programs you write for this class should follow the well established good C coding conventions. If you turn in code that deviates from these conventions, you may not earn full credit for your solutions.

Your work MUST be handed in as git submissions to your repository for this class. Be sure to observe the name of the repository and to grant developer access to the instructor and all the class TAs. As a matter of practice, you are expected to:

  • Add your solutions (to lab or pre-lab) periodically to your own repository. This will ensure that it will be possible to restore your correct work, if you happen to inadvertently break a solution that was working fine.
  • Be sure to add, commit, and push all the files that you are asked to write or modify in a given assignment. Don’t expect the assignment to enumerate all the names of the files you should submit! Rule of thumb: if you worked on something, add it to your git repo.
  • If you ever get your git repo in a corrupted state, it is your responsibility to fix it or to ask for help to fix it.
Date Topic Pre-Lab Lab Due Date
08/22/17 Tuesday Systems Programming in C (review) Pre-lab 0 Lab 0 08/29/17 
08/29/17 Tuesday Unix Processes Pre-lab 1 Lab 1 09/05/17 
09/05/17 Tuesday Interprocess communication: pipes Pre-lab 2 Lab 2 09/12/17
09/12/17 Tuesday POSIX Pthreads Pre-lab 3 Lab 3 09/19/17 
09/19/17 Tuesday Interprocess communication: TCP sockets Pre-lab 4 Lab 4 09/26/17
09/26/17 Tuesday Thread synchronization Pre-lab 5 Lab 5 10/03/17
10/03/17 Tuesday No lab
10/10/17 Tuesday Fall Recess
10/17/17 Tuesday Dining philosophers Pre-lab 6 Lab 6 10/24/17
10/24/17 Tuesday Memory allocation I Pre-lab 7 Lab 7 10/31/17 
10/31/17 Tuesday Memory allocation II Lab 8 11/07/17
11/07/17 Tuesday Unix shell I Lab 9 11/14/17 
11/14/17 Tuesday File system interface Lab 10 11/28/17 
11/21/17 Tuesday Thanksgiving Break 
11/28/17 Tuesday Unix shell II Lab 11 12/05/17
12/05/17 Tuesday Review for the final exam (in lab!)

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