Lady Aíbell ingen Dairmata

Kingdom of AEthelmearc

Lady Aíbell ingen Dairmata
Or, a pair of flaunches gules, overall three snails in fess counterchanged.

Greetings. Welcome to the current middle ages. I'm Aíbell ingen Dairmata, a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism (AKA the SCA)

The SCA is a non-profit (non-religious) organization dedicated to recreating the middle ages as they should have been. It's basically a large gathering of people who love the middle ages and like to live in a recreation of them as much as possible. Fleas, Dirt, and Disease aren't so nice to recreate so we try to leave those things out. Each person can be as accurate or inaccurate as they wish with their historical recreation. (Note: these views of the SCA are MINE!, the SCA has its own views of itself).

My home is currently in the Kingdom of AEthelmearc though I lived for several years The East and in Calontir. These three kingdoms are located in the new world in the region now called America by the modern natives. Calontir covers a vast area in the heart of the continent including much of Iowa. The East Kingdom is a powerful empire and claims territory from Nova Scotia to New York City. AEthelmearc starts below the East Kingdom and I have not yet travelled to its far corners.

My name is pronounced 'ay-val' with the stress on the first syllable. (Yes, Aíbell can be pronounced a lot like 'evil', that was totally accidental.) I've been a member of the SCA since 1994 when I joined NoMountain Calontir. In 1998 I received my Award of Arms (AOA), so I am now Lady Aíbell though since my time period is the late 11th c. - early 12th c., it would be more accurate to say Hlafdige (HLAV-dee) Aíbell. Translated literally, it means bread-kneader. I've also seen it spelled Hlavdia which, since spelling wasn't standardized until much later, is not surprising. You can read about my persona and others by following the persona link above.

My hobbies include making garb (medieval-looking clothing), feastocratting (serving medieval-looking food to large groups of medieval-looking people), brewing (tho my talent is negligible), and dabbling in weaving and heraldry. You can see the results of these hobbies by visiting many of the links at the top of this page.