I’m digging WordPress

This is the first site I’ve made with WordPress. In the past, I used straight HTML, HTML with CSS, Seamonkey (and its previous incarnations), iWeb, a little of Dreamweaver, and Ingeniux. All had their annoyances, some positives, but mostly, shortcomings.

My main gripe is that I don’t want to spend lots of time on crafting webpages (even though I love a spiffy page!) and also that I have low tolerance for buggy behavior. Since gold ol’ Bryan Ward pointed out WordPress to me, about three days ago, I’ve been impressed with WordPress as it solves my problems easily. I can use great looking themes, but I can also hack them if I need it and throw in custom code. Best of both worlds. And best of all, I can update my pages from a standard browser, even from my iPad sitting in an airport, if I must.

I took a quick look at Drupal and Joomla, but then system requirements for WordPress seemed to be less stringent. I gave it a try and in a few minutes, I was cooking up a nice site. This is definitely the way to go for me.

My next task is to hack my theme so that my pages cannot be viewed at all with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE). Yes, I want to make exactly that kind of statement.

3 thoughts on “I’m digging WordPress”

  1. Very snazzy new page. I came here to refresh my memory on the header lines you used for vitae.xml and vitae.xsl. I never bothered to memorize them because I could check here. Alas, everything has changed ; )

  2. Maybe is a bit OT but I’d like to know if somebody can help me with a good manual book to learn flash please. I read some positive reviews about the O’Really’s ones. Is it true? Thanks

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