Current Project

Exploring the capabilities and possible uses of SoftBank’s NAO6 robot

Past Project

Frameworks for ns-3 (funded by the Division of Computer and Networks Systems, NSF)

Project talks:

  • ns-3 Developers meeting 2010, Washington D.C. [1] [2] [3]

Peer-Reviewed Publications

FlyLoop: A Microframework for Rapid Development of Physiological Computin Systems
Evan M. Peck, Eleanor Easse, Nick Marshall, William Stratton, and L. Felipe Perrone. The 7th ACM SIGCHI Symposium on Engineering Interactive Computing Systems (EICS 2015). Duisburg, Germany.

On the Evolution Toward Computer-Aided Simulation
L. Felipe Perrone. In Modeling and Simulation-Based Systems Engineering Handbook (Chapter 5) Daniele Gianni, Andrea D’Ambrogio, Andreas Tolk (eds.) CRC Press, December 2014. ISBN-13: 978-1466571457.

Perspectives on Languages for Specifying Simulation Experiments
Johannes Schützel, Danhua Peng, L. Felipe Perrone, and Adelinde M. Uhrmacher. Winter Simulation Conference 2014. Savannah, GA. [PDF] [Slides PDF][BibTeX]

Data Visualization for Network Simulations
Christopher S. Main, L. Felipe Perrone, and Greg L. Schrock. Winter Simulation Conference 2014. Savannah, GA  [PDF] [Slides PDF][BibTeX]

The Design of an Output Data Collection Framework for ns-3
L. Felipe Perrone, Thomas R. Henderson, Mitchell J. Watrous, and Vinícius D. Felizardo, Winter Simulation Conference 2013. Washington D.C. [PDF] [Slides PDF][BibTeX]

User Interfaces for the Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments (poster)
Christopher S. Main and L. Felipe Perrone, Winter Simulation Conference 2012. Berlin, Germany.

SAFE: Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments
L. Felipe Perrone, Christopher S. Main, and Bryan C. Ward, Winter Simulation Conference 2012. Berlin, Germany.
[PDF] [Slides PDF] [BibTeX]

Public Service Announcement Movies Made with the Alice Programming Language
L. Felipe Perrone. Curriculum module for first-year courses in Computer Science and Computer Engineering. IEEE Real World Engineering Projects (RWEP) Program. September 1, 2011.

Special Issue on Software Tools, Techniques and Architectures for Computer Simulation
L. Felipe Perrone and Giovanni Stea, co-editors. SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Computer Simulation International, Volume 87 Issue 1-2, January 2011.

An Experiment Automation Framework for ns-3 (poster)
Andrew Hallagan, Bryan C. Ward, and L. Felipe Perrone. 3rd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools 2010). Torremolinos, Spain.
[Poster PDF] [Extended Abstract PDF] [BibTeX]

On the Automation of Computer Network Simulators
L. Felipe Perrone, Claudio Cicconetti, Giovanni Stea, and Bryan C. Ward. 2nd International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques (SIMUTools 2009). Rome, Italy.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Enhancing the Credibility of Wireless Network Simulations with Experiment Automation
L. Felipe Perrone, Christopher J. Kenna, and Bryan C. Ward. IEEE International Workshop on Selected Topics in Mobile and Wireless Computing (STWiMob 2008). Avignon, France.
[PDF] [Slides PDF] [BibTeX]

Could a Caveman Do It? The Surprising Potential of Simple Attacks
L. Felipe Perrone. IEEE Security and Privacy.  Vol. 5, Issue 6, pp.74-77. November/December 2007.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

A Study of On-Off Attack Models for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
L. Felipe Perrone and Samuel C. Nelson. First IEEE International Workshop on Operator-Assisted (Wireless Mesh) Community Networks (OpComm 2006). Berlin, Germany.
[PDF] [MS PowerPoint Slides] [BibTeX]

Approaches to Undergraduate Instruction in Computer Security
L. Felipe Perrone, Maurice Aburdene, and Xiannong Meng, ASEE 2005. Portland, OR.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Validation of Wireless Models Using Direct Execution Simulation of Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols
J. Liu, Y. Yuan, D. Nicol, R. Gray, C. Newport, D. Kotz, L. Felipe Perrone, SIMULATION: Transactions of the Society for Modeling and Simulation International, April 2005.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Simulation Validation Using Direct Execution of Wireless Ad-Hoc Routing Protocols
J. Liu, Y. Yuan, D. Nicol, R. Gray, C. Newton, D. Kotz, L. Perrone, PADS 2004. Kufstein, Austria.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Modeling and Simulation Best Practices for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Luiz Felipe Perrone, Yougu Yuan, and David M. Nicol, WSC 2003. New Orleans, LA.
[PDF] [MS PowerPoint Slides] [BibTeX]

A Scalable Simulator for TinyOS Applications
Luiz Felipe Perrone and David M. Nicol, WSC 2002. San Diego, CA.
[PDF] [MS PowerPoint Slides] [BibTeX]

Towards High Performance Modeling of the 802.11 Wireless Protocol
Jason Liu, David M. Nicol, L. Felipe Perrone, and Michael Liljenstam, WSC 2001. Arlington, VA.
[PDF] [MS PowerPoint Slides] [BibTeX]

Simulation Modeling of Large-Scale Ad-hoc Sensor Networks
Jason Liu, L. Felipe Perrone, David M. Nicol, Chip Elliott, and David Pearson. European Simulation Interoperability Workshop 2001. London, England.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Cost/Benefit Analysis of Interval Jumping in Wireless Power Control Simulation
David M. Nicol and L. Felipe Perrone, WSC 2000. Orlando, FL.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Using N-body Algorithms for Interference Computation in Wireless Cellular Simulations
L. Felipe Perrone and David M. Nicol, MASCOTS 2000. San Francisco, CA.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Rapid Simulation of Wireless Systems
L. Felipe Perrone and David M. Nicol. PADS ’98. Banff, Alberta, Canada.
[PDF] [BibTeX]

Ph.D. Dissertation: Accelerating the Simulation of Wireless Cellular Systems
The College of William & Mary, Williamsburg, VA, 2000 (adviser: Prof. David M. Nicol).

Master’s Thesis: Distributed Discrete-Event Simulation on a Transputer Hypercube Using the Time Warp Mechanism
Programa de Engenharia de Sistemas e Computação, COPPE/UFRJ (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 1992 (adviser: Prof. Valmir Carneiro Barbosa).


Undergraduate Thesis: Simulador de Redes de Computadores
DEEL/UFRJ (Departamento de Engenharia Elétrica, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro), Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil, 1992 (advisers: Dr. George Gerber, Prof. Aloysio Pedroza).


Invited talk: Getting More Out of Music. Dept. of Computer Science, Bucknell University.  November 17th, 2016. (Host: Bucknell ACM Chapter)

Invited talk: The Design of a Data Collection Framework for ns-3. Facultät für Informatik und Elektrotechnik der Universität Rostock, Germany.  January 6th, 2014. (Host: Prof. Adelinde Uhrmacher)

Invited talk: The Evolution of a Computer Aided Simulation System. First Annual Meeting of the ns-3 Consortium, Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA) Sophia Antipolis Mediterranée, France.  March 4th, 2013. Hosts: Prof. Walid Dabbous and Dr. Thomas Henderson.

Invited talk: The Evolution of a Computer Aided Simulation System. Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines. December 4, 2012. (Host: Prof. Tracy Camp)
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Simulation for the Masses. Bucknell University Family Weekend. September 23, 2011.
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: SAFE – Simulation Automation Framework for Experiments. 3rd Workshop on ns-3. March 25, 2011. Barcelona, Spain. (Hosts: Nicola Baldo and Ruben Merz)
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Past, Present, and Future – Directions on Automating Network Simulation. INRIA Méditerranée Sophia Antipolis, France. November 17th, 2010. (Host: Prof. Walid Dabbous)

Invited talk: Automation Frameworks for ns-3. 2nd Workshop on ns-3. March 15th, 2010. Torremolinos, Spain. (Host: Tom Henderson)
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Department of Physics REU, Bucknell University. June 2009. (Host: Marty Ligare)

Invited talk: Workshop on Scenarios for Network Evaluation Studies (SCENES 2009). March 6th, 2009. Rome, Italy. (Host: Nils Aschenbruck)
[Slides PDF]

Research talk: Local ACM Student Chapter, Bucknell University. October 7, 2008.
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Sigma Alpha Mu Fraternity, Bucknell University. November 28, 2007 (Host: Max Lottstein).
[Slides PDF]

Invited talks: Dipartimento Scienze dell’Informazione, Università di Bologna. Bologna, Italy. (Host: Prof. Luciano Bononi), October 9, 2006
[Slides PDF]
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Naval Post-Graduate School (Host: Joe Jarzombek, National Cyber Security Division, Dept. of Homeland Security), August 18, 2006. Monterey, CA.
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: University of Richmond. Richmond, VA. (Host: Barry Lawson), March 14, 2005
[Slides PDF]

Invited talk: Dartmouth College, CS78 Spring 2002 (Host: David Kotz), May 21, 2002

Invited talk: Department of Math and Computer Science, Colorado School of Mines (Host: Tracy Camp), December 7, 2001