Professor of Computer Science

College of Engineering
Bucknell University

I joined Bucknell in 2003 because the university’s focus on excellence in undergraduate education aligned directly with mine. Over the years, I have taught about 17 different courses, two of them having been delivered “on the road” in Brazil (2010) and Italy (2015) – ENGR 290 Engineering in a Global and Societal Context. (A third iteration of that course is in the works for Japan in the summer of 2022, COVID-19 permitting.)

Primarily, I teach in the area of computer systems, that is, computer organization, operating systems, computer networks, security, etc. However, I am passionate for interdisciplinary courses, specially those in the general area of computers and society. In my teaching, I seize every opportunity to explore the intersection of applied ethics, moral philosophy, sci-fi literature, and international education. My teaching philosophy is based on student-centric pedagogies, which means that rather than lecture at students, I prefer to create opportunities for them to grapple directly with the material we study.

My research interests are modeling and simulation, robot-human interaction, and society and technology. I enjoy having students collaborate in my scholarly agenda and I have co-authored several publications with students who partnered up with me in summer research and independent studies. 

Postal Address
Dept. of Computer Science, Dana 335
Bucknell University
Lewisburg, PA 17837
Email: perrone@bucknell.edu
Voice: +1-570-577-1687
Skype: luiz.felipe.perrone

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