Teaching Information of Xiannong Meng While He Was at UTPA

CSCI 1300 This is a computer literacy course which includes both lecture component and laboratory component.
CSCI 1380 This is an introductory course to computer science. It follows the ACM guideline as Introduction to Computer Science I.
CSCI 2320 Computer Programming in a Second Language -- I taught it using Java.
CSCI 2330 Applications Programming in C and C++ -- This is an applications programming course using the languages of C and C++.
CSCI 4333 Database Design and Development
CSCI 4334 Operating Systems
CSCI 4335 Computer Architecture -- This course covers basic concepts in modern computer architecture.
CSCI 4345 Computer Networks -- This course covers network protocols and their applications.
CSCI 6175: Gradaute Seminar -- Internet Protocols (Spring 1999)
CSCI 6175: Gradaute Seminar -- Topics in Database and Operating Systems -- Teradata database(Fall 2000)
CSCI 6333: Advanced Database Design and Implementation
CSCI 6334: Advanced Operating Systems
CSCI 6337: Simulation
CSCI 6345: Computer Networks -- This course concentrates on network protocols and their applications.
CSCI 6354: Performance Evaluation
CSCI 6356: Parallel Computing