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Department of Computer Science
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Email: alan.marchiori@bucknell.edu
12/24/2016: My paper “Maximizing Coverage in Low-Power Wide-Area IoT Networks” was accepted to appear at the First International Workshop on Mobile and Pervasive Internet of Things (PerIoT).
12/12/2016: Keyi Zhang‘s paper “Crowdsourcing Low-Power Wide-Area IoT Networks” was accepted to appear at the 15th IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing and Communications (PerCom) 2017.
12/9/2016: Keyi Zhang was selected as the runner-up of the Computing Research Association’s (CRA) Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for Non-PhD-granting institutions 2017.
10/16/2016: “Experiences and Example of a Holistic Wireless Apartment Sensor Network Deployment in a Small to Medium Apartment Complex in an Arid High Grassland Biome” by Cory Jensen, Alan Marchiori, and Nicholas Gerstle was selected to appear in the Journal of Environmental Progress & Sustainable Energy.
8/28/2016: Keyi Zhang’s paper “A Passive Multi-Channel Synchronization Solution for IoT” was accepted to The 8th annual Wireless of the Students, by the Students, for the Students (S3) Workshop part of MobiCom 2016.
3/17/2016: Ward Prescott‘s paper “HydroSense: An Open Platform for Hydroclimatic Monitoring” was accepted to the 2nd IEEE International Conference on Smart Computing (SMARTCOMP 2016).
1/11/2016: Keyi Zhang’s paper “Natural Language Search of Sensor Data” was accepted to the 13th IEEE Workshop on Managing Ubiquitous Communications and Services part of PerCom 2016.
10/16/2015: Ward Prescott’s updated poster “HydroSense: A low-cost, open-source, hydroclimatic monitoring system” has been accepted to the 10th Susquehanna River Symposium.
7/14/2015: HydroSense website is up.
6/23/2015: Ward Prescott’s poster “HydroSense: A low-cost, open-source, hydroclimatic monitoring system” has been accepted to the 3rd CUAHSI HydroInformatics Conference!
05/29/2015: Our stream monitoring project was mentioned in the Daily Item.
05/18/2015: Ward Prescott begins summer research. He is developing the radio for a hydroclimatic sensor network and a Arduino-compatible hydroclimatic sensor interface board.
05/11/2015: Keyi Zhang and Zhengri (Albert) Fan begins summer research. Keyi is developing a lightweight agent-based streaming data processing system. Zhengri is working to simulate RF coverage for a wide area wireless hydroclimatic sensing network.
04/24/2015: Received funding with co-pi Benjamin Hayes from the Degenstein Foundation for development of a wireless watershed monitoring system.
/01/14/2015: Keyi Zhang’s paper “Extending Semantic Sensor Networks with QueryML,” accepted to PerCom WiP ’15.