HydroSense: Sonde

The Sonde utilizes off the shelf sensors, a simple enclosure, and a custom circuit board to dramatically reduce costs. The Sonde is very much a test bed for novel low cost sensing technologies and can be supplemented with third party SDI-12 sensors for field tested readings.  The Sonde enclosure is also a study in novel low cost technologies at only $120.  The Sonde enclosure is designed to be able to be fabricated by any university machine shop with the provided drawings.  Features include:

  • Integrated Arduino Leonardo
  • SDI-12 Interface for power and data
  • Sensing probes and circuity:
    • PH Sensorex General Purpose Electrode (0-14pH)
    • ORP Sensorex Laboratory Electrode (+/- 2000mV)
    • DO Sensorex DO1200 Probe (0-20mg/L)
    • Conductivity Sensorex CS150 Probe (0 – 2000uS)
    • Temperature Atlas Sci. ENV-TMP (-20 – 133°C)
    • Pressure Atlas Sci. Ixian Probe (0 – 100PSI)\
    • Ports for 1 Atlas Scientific EZO Sensors

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