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Shire of
Æthelmearc Coronation
Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
April 11th, 2015

The Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais is deeply honored to once again host the Coronation of Prince Timothy of Arindale and Princess Gabrielle van Nijenrode to the throne of Æthelmearc on Saturday, April 11th, 2015.


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The site, the Church of Four Bells (Christ's United Lutheran Church, 13765 Old Turnpike Rd, Millmont PA 17845), opens at 9:00am. The site will close at 9pm. Please note that the site is dry, smoke-free, and handicap accessible. Service animals are permitted, as are enclosed flames at feast.


Event Staff

Planned Activities

His Highness, Timothy, will be sitting vigil outdoors at the event site on Friday night until 1am. He welcomes visitors.

A gold chain tournament

An unbelted meet'n'beat
An opportunity for unbelted warriors to strut their stuff before the Gold Chains of the Kingdom. Contact with questions.

A fencing tournament
An opportunity for fencers to dance with a "White Scarf". Come and increase your knowledge at the end of a White Scarf's blade. The cream of the Kingdom rapier community will be present in a non-restrictive format allowing for more fencing. Two newer members of the Order of the White Scarves eager to asisst the rapier community will be sponsoring our Meet and Beat. No finer examples of the White Scarf Heritage could be asked for. We present, The Countess, Her Excellency Dona Elena d'Artois along with Dona Gabrielle de Winter"


An A&S display
An A&S Display with the Theme of Æthelmearc Proud will be available for viewing. Please contact to coordinate display of your works.

In addition their sylvan Highnesses entreat Bakers, Cooks and Candy makers of the Kingdom to display their Period or Period Inspired Desserts. These desserts will be displayed to the enjoyment of eyes before Feast and will delight palates as the feast finale. Please contact Lord Silvester to coordinate this display as well. Note kitchen space, including refrigeration space is limited and efforts should be made to have your dessert completed and, if necessary, refrigerated with your own resources. Your dessert should also include a card including ingredients and source (recipe or inspiration).

Anyone wishing to add ambiance and entertain their majesties and the noble populace may contact

A silent auction table will be available, proceeds to defer travel expenses of their Majesties' reign. So be sure to bring both your gold and silver coins. Contributions to the table are greatly appreciated.

Their majesties are delighted by heraldic banners and finery of all sorts. Display your colors be they personal, household, shire, canton, or barony.


New to the SCA? Our Chatelaine, the ever-cheerful , wants to welcome you. Please contact her to let her know you're coming. She can help you borrow garb and let you know about other things you will want to bring, such as dishware for your meals. At the event, look for the Hospitality Table - with the gold key on a green background - if you need assistance or have a question.


Schedule subject to change without notice


Feast by Lord Leioolfr Grimr with the Guild of St Lawrence (ACG's Cooking Guild) assisting. Feast will be capped at 120 guests.

Those with dietary questions or concerns may contact the Feastocrat, , prior to the event.

First Remove

A Roasted Pig Stuffed With Fruits
Hunig and Senep Seaw ( Honey-Mustard Sauce)
Merces Saeda Seaw (Celery Seed dressing)
Peas with leeks cooked in broth
Kisskiss Bi'l-Bisbas (Tunisia Fennel Couscous)
Bread ( Honey butter and Herbed Butter)

Second Remove

Braede Cicen (Roasted Chicken)
Roasted root vegetables served on flat bread
Ryse of Flessh (Rice cooked in broth almond milk and saffron)

Third Remove

Tart De' Ffruyte ( A pie of dried fruits and pine nuts topped with salmon pieces)
Hwerhwettan Wyrtmete (Cucumber Salad)
Alborina (Arab-Andalusi Vegetable Ragout eggplant and zuccini)

Please note that, due to ingredient availability, dishes are subject to change w/o notice. Ingredients list for all dishes will be available on site.


Merchants, tempt us with your period wares! Contact for details about reserving your space.

Fees & Reservations

A day fee of $10 will be charged to all attendees aged 17 and over. Those 16 and under will be regarded as our guests. The day fee will include all activities as well as lunch.

Feast, limited to 120 seats, will be $10 each. There will be a seating chart for feast. Tables each seat 8 people. If your group wishes to reserve space together, please indicate it when you make your reservation. Children 5 and under may be present at a table without purchasing an additional seat.

Non Member Surcharge: Any adult without proof of current SCA membership will be charged a $5 surcharge at the door.

Make checks payable to "SCA PA, Inc. Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais". Reservations should be sent to

c/o Bob English
124 North Second St
Sunbury PA 17801

Please include both SCA and modern names for all attending as well as membership numbers. Including your email address will enable us to confirm your reservation. Including ages of youth/children attending will help our Chancellor Minor plan age-appropriate activities for the children attending.

Refund Policy: If you pre-registered and are unable to attend, please notify our reservationist by email message or phone on or before April 4th, 2015. We will refund your full amount if notified by the above date and if your space can be filled at the door. Since this event is a Kingdom fundraiser, you may request that 100% of your refund be given to the Kingdom as a donation.


From the North, East and South - Make your best way to the intersection of PA Route 45 and U.S. Route 15 in Lewisburg; at this intersection, head west on Route 45, towards Mifflinburg and State College. Christ's United Lutheran Church is on the left side of the road approximately three miles west of Mifflinburg.

From the West - Follow Route 45 towards Mifflinburg. Once you pass through the hamlet of Hartleton, you are about 2 miles from Christ's United Lutheran Church, which will be on your right-hand side.

Local Area


There is a lot of parking available on site.