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Shire of
AEthelmearc Twelfth Night
Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais
January 10th, 2015

Abhainn Ciach Ghlais, the shire in the Heart of AEthelmearc, welcomes one and all to join us in celebrating AEthelmearc Twelfth Night on Saturday, January 10, 2015.


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Our site, the gorgeous Caldwell Consistory -- 150 Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815 -- will be open to guests from 9:00 AM to 9 PM; Troll closes at 1:00 pm.

The site is handicap accessible, but on-site parking is limited; those with limited mobility are encouraged to contact to request a parking placard.

Several gas stations and a hospital are located within a mile of the site.

To see photos of this GORGEOUS site -- including its 600-seat auditorium -- go to http://caldwellconsistory.com/facility.


Event Staff

Special Event Activities

Planned Activities

Frivolity! Foolishness! and Fun! are the order of the day. Be you brewer or bard, dancer or diner, gamester or juggler, we hope you will find much to amuse you!

Kingdom Bardic Championship and Bardic Showcase
Storytellers, singers, musicians, and entertainers, you will love performing in our 600-seat auditorium, with its amazing acoustics, as you vie for the vaunted title of Their Majesties' Bardic Champion!

For the competition, the participants must rotate forms (as in the final round of Crown Tourney), meaning that they cannot do two pieces of the same type in a row (i.e. two songs, stories, poems, etc.). The first round for all interested participants will be a piece in the style of their choice with the theme of "courtly love." Round two for all interested participants will be a piece composed on site based on a subject pulled from a hat. After Their Majesties have heard the first two rounds and made their selections for the final round, round three will be for those chosen only and will be the bard's choice of piece. The winning Champion will be announced in court.

For further details about either the Bardic Competition, please contact , AEthelmearc's Sylvan Bard.

Those who wish to perform but not compete may participate in a Bardic Showcase, which will be held in the afternoon before/after/ in between rounds of the competition. Please contact .

Minstrels, jugglers, entertainers and performers are also welcome to add to our festive marketplace. Please contact the Entertainment Coordinator, .

Brewers' Roundtable/Competition and Tasters' Tavern
Brewers! Vinters! Meadhers and cordial makers! Crack open those kegs and get hoppin', for the AEthelmearc Brewers' Guild will be holding an informal meeting/round table AND a formal judged competition. A special prize will be awarded to the best beverage from a period source (documentation encouraged).

Thanks to the generosity of the AEthelmearc Brewers' Guild, we invite you to sample a brew or two at our Tasters' Tavern. Some non-alcoholic beverages will be available as well. (You must show proof of age -- 21 or over - to enjoy any alcoholic beverages.)

Questions? Contact .

NOTE: This site is discreetly damp (BYOB); please drink responsibly. Anyone found serving alcohol to those under 21 or publicly intoxicated will be asked to leave immediately with no refund.

We can't think of a better way to flirt AND show off your Twelfth Night finery than by strutting your stuff on the dance floor! Silly hats and masks optional!

Don't know the steps? Don't worry! We'll teach you! will be the Dancing Master for the event. For a list of likely dances, click here.

There will be live music for dancing! Anyone who wishes to play for the dancing is very welcome. Musicians who do not have access to Pennsic Pile 43 may contact for copies of the music that will be played and a list of the dance sets.

While away the afternoon with your favorite tavern or table game, or play one of ours. Rumor has it that our local gamemaster, Lord Jeremiah MacCoull, is busy preparing a siege scenario involving a castle, a trebuchet, and wee figurines.

Kingdom Gifts Display and Scroll Blank Challenge
In the spirit of the season, we ask that all attending bring a gift - wrapped or not -- for our Kingdom. Possibilities might include an award medallion or cording for award medallions, a leather or fabric (red linen, cotton, or a blend) "loaner" Baronial coronet, a banner displaying the Kingdom arms, a tasty bottled beverage, a song in praise of AEthelmearc, a promise of service at Pennsic,...

Hand-crafted items will be displayed for all to admire. Contacting in advance to let her know what you'll be bringing will help us judge how much table space to provide.

In addition, Twelfth Night is the first of two events for submitting scrolls for Baroness Ekat's Scroll Blank Challenge. (Details for the Challenge may be found at aethelmearc-scribes.org/ )

Peruse our shopping center! Click here to see the list of merchants and what they sell.

Children's Activities
Parents, we want your children to enjoy Twelfth Night, too!

Planned activities for younger children will include color-and-take paper masks, a scavenger hunt, and parent-supervised play time.

Older children may spend the morning painting knight figurines (28mm scale) for a "joust." (Figurines and painting supplies will be provided, but parents, be sure your children wear paint-friendly clothes!) Later in the day, use your knight to lay siege to our castle. For maximum fun, bring your own army! (Bring 20 period 28mm scale minis and 1 siege model representing a force between 400-1650 AD. Provide some written documentation, containing at least 5 facts, about your force. For every fact over 5, you may bring an extra 10 figures -- up to a maximum 100 figures. There should be a minimum of 3 colors on the figures. Movement trays are recommended.)

Activities relating to the Children's Feast will include storytelling, butter-making, a Bean Cake, and a masked procession around the feast hall. (See "Meals," below, for additional details.)

Parents, please include names and ages of youth/children attending with your reservation.

Contact our Chancellor Minor with your questions ... and your offers to assist with activities!


New to the SCA? Our Chatelaine, the ever-cheerful , wants to welcome you. Please contact her to let her know you're coming. She can help you borrow garb and let you know about other things you will want to bring, such as dishware for your meals. At the event, look for the Hospitality Table - with the gold key on a green background - if you need assistance or have a question. Feel free to join Lady Elyse for a "Newcomer's Nosh" mid-afternoon.


To brighten the dreary winter days ahead, we have planned a glorious Twelfth Night celebration to amuse and entertain you. You surely will not want to miss this much fun!
8:45 AM     Site opens
9:00        Curia
9:00        Merchants open
9:00        Schmoozing, Merriment, and Frivolity! (all day!) 
9:30        Kingdom Gifts Display (till 4:00) 
10:00       Morning Court
10:30       Kingdom Bardic Championship, Round 1
10:30       AEthelmearc Kingdom Historian's Display (till 3:30)
10:30       Children's Activities (till 12:30)
10:30       Vigil of THL Tigernach mac Cathail (till 3:30)
11:00       Sylvan Signet Scroll Blank Challenge Display (till 3:30)
11:30       Bardic Showcase
12:30 PM    First Course (provided for all attending)
1:00        Tasters' Tavern (till 4:00)     
1:30        Bardic Showcase
1:30        Dancing Instruction
1:30        Brewing Competition Judging
1:30        Children's Activities (till 3:30)
2:00        Kingdom Bardic Championship, Round 2
3:00        Second Course (provided to those who pay the additional fee) 
3:30        Dancing Instruction
4:00        Kingdom Bardic Championship, Final Round
4:30        Afternoon Court
4:30        Merchants close
6:00        Bardic Showcase
6:00        Third Course  (provided to those who pay the additional fee)
7:00        Masked Ball with LIVE music (Masks optional!  Loaners available!)
9:00        Site closes
Schedule subject to change without notice


Prepared under the direction of our most "seasoned" cooks, this is a feast you will be sorry to miss!

First Course (lunch) is included in the site fee and will be available to all. We encourage all to mail their reservations before December 31; this will speed up check-in when you arrive.

(12:30) First Course, under the direction of Master Gille MacDhomnuill

For those who who reserved prior to December 16, the Second and Third Courses will be served family-style, later in the day. To allow guests time to savor each course, we will pause for afternoon court before serving the third course.

(3:00) Second Course, under the direction of Her Ladyship Byrgida Zajaczkowa

Third Course, under the direction of Master Thorsten Christiansen Ronnow

Those with dietary questions or concerns may contact the Head Cook, , prior to the event.

Please note that, due to ingredient availability, dishes are subject to change. Ingredients list for all dishes will be available at Troll.

Children's Feast (ages 5 to 12), under the direction of Lady Maacah Sitt al Galb

Children partaking of the Children's Feast will dine at an exclusive table, complete with white paper 'cloth' and crayons for artistic expressions. Each guest will have a menu booklet which discusses their meal, ingredients and a few medieval customs about good table manners. A clean pitcher of scented water and a basin will be at every sitting for cleaning up of hands in a medieval fashion (after we have asked everyone to wash their hands with soap and water in a modern fashion).

At the final seating (3rd course), the children will feast on a King's Cake with a hidden bean (actually, a gummy bear). The lucky winner of that piece of cake will be the leader of the Masked Parade. The children will line up behind the Bean King/Queen and, wearing the masks they made earlier (or ones they have acquired elsewhere), they will parade around the Great Hall showing off their festive faces.


Merchants, tempt us with your period wares! Contact for details about reserving your space. (Limited space available; contact us soon!) For a list of merchants, click here.

Fees & Reservations

Those who mail their paid reservations will benefit from the speedy check-in line; please include your SCA membership number.

SITE FEE includes lunch, served family-style.
Youth (age 5 - 17)$7.00
Family Cap$43.00
Children 4 years and younger pay no site fee as our guests.

Feast spaces are sold out. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please mention this with your reservation and inquire about availability when you Troll in.

Non Member Surcharge: Any adult without proof of current SCA membership will be charged a $5 surcharge at the door.

Groups of up to 12 people may request pre-seating so everyone can sit together. Only those with a paid reservation may be pre-seated. Tables seat 6; portions will serve two tables, or a total of 12 diners.

Here's how to request pre-seating:
When you send your reservation, include names of and payment for everyone in the group (up to 12). Including your email address will enable us to confirm your reservation. While we will entertain specific table placement requests, there are no guarantees.

Pre-seated names will be printed on the seating chart prior to the event. When you troll in, you will be given a sticker to place on the chart; you MUST place this sticker on the chart prior to the start of the first course in order to keep your seat. Reservations for feast will be held until troll closes (at 1:00 pm). Those who have not arrived or notified the troll at 570-274-6304 will forfeit their seats.

Make checks payable to "SCA PA, Inc. Shire of Abhainn Ciach Ghlais". Reservations should be sent to

c/o Bob English
124 North Second St
Sunbury PA 17801

Please include both SCA and modern names for all attending. Including your email address will enable us to confirm your reservation. Including ages of youth/children attending will help our Chancellor Minor plan age-appropriate activities for the children attending.

Refund Policy: If you pre-registered and are unable to attend, please notify our reservationist by email message or phone on or before January 5th, 2015. We will refund your full amount if notified by the above date and if your space can be filled at the door. Since this event is a Kingdom fundraiser, you may request that 100% of your refund be given to the Kingdom as a donation.


Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, is conveniently located just off Interstate Route 80 and close to Interstate 81, and therefore easy to get to from parts of the East Kingdom and Atlantia as well as AEthelmearc; it is The Caldwell Consistory: 150 Market Street, Bloomsburg, PA 17815

View Caldwell Consistory in a larger map

Take Interstate 80 East. Take Exit 232 (Buckhorn). Turn right onto Route 42 S and follow for about 1.5 miles; keeping left at the fork, follow signs for US-11 N/Bloomsburg and merge onto US-11 N to Route 11 N (Bloomsburg exit). This is Main Street.

At the third light, turn left onto Market Street immediately PAST the large fountain. The Caldwell Consistory is the large red brick building on the left.

FROM THE NORTH OR SOUTH, west of PA Route 15
Take Route 15 to Interstate 80. Then follow "From the West," above.

FROM THE NORTH OR SOUTH, east of Interstate 81
Take Interstate 81 or the PA Turnpike to Interstate 80. Then follow "From the East," below.

Take Interstate 80 West. Take Exit 236 A (Bloomsburg). The ramp exits onto Route 487 S; travel through three traffic lights and one flashing light to the fourth traffic light. This is Main Street.

Turn right and travel to the third light (monument at the square). Turn right onto North Market Street immediately BEFORE the large fountain. The Caldwell Consistory is the large red brick building on the left.


The Caldwell Consistory is located at the corner of Market Street and Ridge Avenue.

Space in the site's (smallish) parking lot will be reserved for those with limited mobility; please contact to request a parking placard.

Parking in front of the Consistory will be limited to 5 minutes. To facilitate speedy unloading, ACG's Brute Squad will be available to assist with unloading and ferrying.

Several municipal lots are located nearby. On-street parking and parking in the municipal lots is free on Saturdays.

Click here for a local map showing parking lots. Lots C and L are closest to the site.(This is a new map).


Limited crash space will be available upon request. Please contact to request space.

We have reserved a block of rooms at a discounted rate of $62.00/night (nonsmoking, 2 double beds) at the Econo-Lodge, 189 Columbia Drive, Bloomsburg, PA 17815. The hotel is 2 miles from the site, just off Route 80.

To book a room, call 570-387-0490 by December 19, 2014; ask for SCA Group block to receive the discounted rate. All guests receive a 10% discount at the nearby Quaker Steak&Lube or Perkins. A continental breakfast is provided in the lobby 6:30-9:30 am daily. Individual reservations needing to cancel must do so 48 hours prior to arrival by 4pm to avoid any cancellation fees. Check-in time is 3:00 p.m. or later; check-out time is eleven am. A peace ordinance is in effect at 10 pm daily. Hotel revenue loss due to property damage or due to violation of any; peace ordinance, non-smoking policy or unregistered pet policy will have costs assessed to guarantor's credit card.

Several other chain hotels are located within 5 miles of the site:

Local Eateries

Because Bloomsburg is a college town, it has an array of restaurants (fast-food as well as ethnic) within walking distance of the site:

Merchant List

Rabenwald Metalsmything
We sell handmade: Jewelry, ironwork, blades, and leather work. See website

Sunshadow Design / Master John Michael Thorpe
Maker of coronets, laurel wreaths, and award medallions; jewelry, both period and mundane; reproductions of period dress accessories, including dress and veil pins, based on artifacts in my collection; reproduction knives, and SCA legal fencing swords. See website

Where Dragons Tread Leather Crafters
Leather mask maker and other leather goods. See website

Sylvan Signet
Scroll Blanks

Burley Badger
Feast gear and hats

Kingdom Historians
A display of items from our Kingdom's history

Pallas Hills Alpaca Farms
Raw Alpaca Fiber, yarn, insoles, other Alpaca Fiber goods See website

White Wolf and Phoenix
Weaving supplies See website

That Pottery Guy
Pottery See website

Baroness Anna Eisenkopf
Handmade beaded jewelry

List of Dances

Set List

Set 1:
Official Bransle
New Yer
Gathering Peascods
Petite rose

Set 2:
Black Alman
Black Nag
Horse's Bransle
Washerwomen's Bransle

Set 3:
Ly Bens Distonys
Petit Riens
Gracca Amorosa
Rufty Tufty
New Bo Peep

Set 4:
Hyde Park
Picking of Sticks

Set 5:
Upon a Summer's Day
Heart's Ease
Danse de Cleves
Rostiboli Gioioso

Performance Dances:
La Fia Guglielmina (performance only)
Rostiboli Gioioso (possibly performance only)
Bizzaria d'Amore (possibly performance dance only)

Dances - and the order in which they are danced - are subject to change.