Summer 2015

We have an active summer in store. Three students are working on entirely different research projects, while Rachel Ren is wrapping up her work.

  • Son Pham is working on investigating the use of Deep Learning for protein sequence classification. Deep Learning has recently gained substantial recognition due to its success with automated image recognition and speech classification. Very few have examined its use in bioinformatics. Son will help me explore this untapped area in bioinformatics.
  • Jason Hammett will be applying data mining techniques to years of regional climate data, including local stats for the Susquehanna River, to develop explanatory and predictive models for anomalistic weather events around the Susquehanna River Valley.
  • Robert Cowen will be continuing the wonderful work that I started with Bucknell Student Stephanie Gonthier last year on word prediction. Robert will be collaborating with myself and speech pathologists at the Geisinger-Bucknell Autism and Developmental Medicine Institute (ADMI) to develop a preliminary version of a new augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) app that will utilize my word prediction model. This first version will be developed to run on Android tablets.
  • Rachel Ren is graciously staying for a month after graduating to help submit a paper based on her extensive work completed for her honors thesis. Stayed tuned!