Schedule 02


  1. The class notes are uploaded. Note that these notes are subject to change before the class starts.
  2. Please complete the Pre-Lab 0 before the lab on Aug 21.
  3. The class notes are updated (CSCI_315_01) and uploaded (CSCI_315_02).
  4. The class note is uploaded (CSCI_315_03) and the reading assignments for next week are in the schedule table. Please remember to read the reading assignments before the class.
  5. The class notes are uploaded.
  6. The class notes for Friday September 7 are uploaded. The reading assignment for Monday September 10 is uploaded.
  7. Class notes are uploaded. The reading assignments for Wednesday (9/12) and Friday (9/14) are posted. Make sure to come to class prepared.

Tentative Schedule

This is a tentative schedule of topics and classes. Please revisit often, as the schedule can possibly change in order to accommodate for the pace of learning of the group.

Make sure to have completed the reading before the day when they appear in the schedule.

Date Topic Reading Notes Activities
08/20/18 Monday Introduction to OS SGG 1  [CSCI_315_01]
08/22/18 Wednesday Interrupts, polling, DMA. SGG 2
and SGG: Ch 13.1, 13.2
 [CSCI_315_02]  Quiz_01
08/24/18 Friday Booting the OS Boot  [CSCI_315_03]
08/27/18 Monday Processes: Intro, Scheduling, Creation SGG-3-1  [CSCI_315_04]
08/29/18 Wednesday Processes: Operations, IPC SGG-3-2  [CSCI_315_05]  Quiz_02
08/31/18 Friday Processes: IPC (continue), Sockets SGG-3-3  [CSCI_315_06]
09/03/18 Monday Scheduling Review, Pipes SGG-3-4  [CSCI_315_07]  Activity_Design_OS
09/05/18 Wednesday Threads SGG 4  [CSCI_315_08]
09/07/18 Friday Threads SGG 4  [CSCI_315_09]  Activity_Threads
09/10/18 Monday Threads: argument passing, multi-thread models pthread-Tutorial  [CSCI_315_10]
09/12/18 Wednesday Review: OS design activity, Networks Network Reading  [CSCI_315_11] Quiz_03
09/14/18 Friday  Networks, Socket Programming Network Reading  [CSCI_315_12]
09/17/18 Monday Process synchronization SGG 5  [CSCI_315_13]
09/19/18 Wednesday  [CSCI_315_14]
09/21/18 Friday  [CSCI_315_15]
09/24/18 Monday  [CSCI_315_16]
09/26/18 Wednesday CPU Scheduling SGG 6  [315_CPU_Sched]
09/28/18 Friday  [315_CPU_Sched_2]
10/01/18 Monday  [Exam_1_Review]
10/03/18 Wednesday Midterm Exam 1 
10/05/18 Friday CPU Scheduling  [315_CPU_Sched_3]
10/08/18 Monday Fall Recess
10/10/18 Wednesday  Deadlock  SGG 7  [315_Deadlock]
10/12/18 Friday  Deadlock Continued
10/15/18 Monday [Bankers Algorithm][participation1]
10/17/18 Wednesday Managing main memory SGG 8  [315_memory] [activity_Memory_1]
10/19/18 Friday [Activity_Segmentation]
10/22/18 Monday  [Activity_Paging]
10/24/18 Wednesday Virtual memory SGG 9  [315_virtual_1]  [activity_vm_1]
10/26/18 Friday
10/29/18 Monday
11/31/18 Wednesday Page Replacement Algorithms  [315_virtual_2]  [Activity_Replacement]
11/02/18 Friday    [315_virtual_3]  [Activity_Virtualization_Design]
11/05/18 Monday Exam Review  [Deadlock-MM-VM]  [Activity_Virtualization_Design_sol]
11/07/18 Wednesday Midterm Exam 2
11/09/18 Friday  [activity-LRU-approx]
11/12/18 Monday  File system interface  SGG 11  [CSCI_315_Filesystem]
11/14/18 Wednesday
11/16/18 Friday  File system implementation  SGG 12  [FS-Imp-Neda-Notes-1]
11/19/18 Monday Thanksgiving break     
11/21/18 Wednesday Thanksgiving break 
11/23/18 Friday Thanksgiving break 
11/26/18 Monday  [FS-Imp-Neda-Notes-2]  [Disk_layout]
11/28/18 Wednesday  [FS-Imp-Neda-Notes-3]  [Allocation Method Activity][Recap]
12/30/18 Friday    [FS-Imp-Neda-Notes-4][CSCI_315_Filesystem_2]  [activity_free_space]
12/03/18 Monday Course evaluations  [Final-Exam-Review][Remzi-Consistency-1]
TBA Final Exam
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