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Professor of Physics

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FOUN 091.44: Life and Times of Great Physicists (Fall 2010)

PHYS 331: Advanced Classical Mechanics (Fall 2014)

PHYS 317: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (Fall 2018)

Junior Lab PHYS 310 (Spring 2022)

PHYS 333: Electromagnetic Theory I (Fall 2022)

PHYS 338: Computer Simulations in Physics (Spring 2023)

PHYS 317: Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics (Fall 2023)

Summer Research

PA Young Women in Physics Conference: April 23, 2022, Information & Registration (free)

Current Research

Amorphous SiO2: Dynamics Below the Glass Transition (in collaboration with A. Zippelius, H. Castillo, J. Cookmeyer, Ch. Gorman, and J. Horbach)

Granular Media: Dynamics of Hard Spheres (in collaboration with A. Zippelius, T. Aspelmeier, H. Castillo, and K. Avila)

List of Publications

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my CV

talk at APS March Meeting 2009 and talk at Ohio University, Oct. 2009 and talk at Bucknell University, Sept. 2009 and talk at Bucknell University, July 2012 talk at Patriot League Conference, BU, Oct. 2009 and talk at APS March Mtg. 2011 and talk at DPG Fruehjahrstagung 2013 and talk in Mainz 2013 and talk in Goettingen June 2013 and Pecha Kucha at BU Dec. 2013 and Residential College at BU, Feb. 2014 Bucknell, April 14, 2014 Aspen, Feb. 2015 BUmini Dec. 2015 BU Fac. Recognition March 2017 Goettingen July 2017

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